What Happened This Week (omg)

Brace yourselves. It's quite a list.

Hey! I was looking back at my week and realized that this past week was…remarkable. Many Things Happened and perhaps you didn’t know about every single one. So here they are. Hope I didn’t miss anything.

Here they are, in the order they happened.

I had the chance to speak with Karin Tidbeck about their new novel THE MEMORY THEATER in conversation! I had never done an in conversation panel where I was the one leading the conversation and admittedly I basically just hollered about how much i love this book on multiple levels and forgot to ask the audience for questions.

THIS BOOK IS A DELIGHT AND YOU SHOULD BUY IT. You can watch a recording of our conversation, too!

THE MIDNIGHT BARGAIN is shortlisted for a Subjective Chaos Kind of Award, and I am so pleased! My work is on the list beside some truly fantastic books and I suggest this award’s nominations as an A-1 reading list.

The Music of the Siphorophenes is available in the March-April Edition of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction! (Link leads to Weightless Books, where you can buy the issue in ebook format.) Publishing in F&SF was on my bucket list for literally decades. I am pleased to bring you the story of an isolated spacer who takes the descendant of a legendary modern day pop star—a stellar artist in her own right—on a technically forbidden jaunt beyond Saturn’s orbit to catch a glimpse of majestic, enigmatic spacefaring aliens.

My name is on the cover, too!

Canada Reads is happening in just a few days, and so the promotioning has begun. I essay about how Virginia Woolf continues to be correct about private spaces to write and reflections on maintaining personal boundaries around privacy in the age of Zoom in the CBC Arts column, Where I Write.

Here’s a conversation between me and Canadian Olympian Rosey Edeh, my champion in the Canada Reads Competition (I sound like a dork. my apologies.)

(I’m not done. I know. This week has been positively overstuffed with things.)

And then! The most amazing surprise of the whole Canada Reads affair: this pitch-perfect, impeccably timed animated book trailer, created by Bekky O’Neil and narrated by the fabulous Moira Quirk, the original narrator of The Midnight Bargain’s audiobook!

And then, I was lucky enough to be part of this incredible panel put on by Neon Hemlock Press and Portal Bookshop about writing Epic Fantasy with a queer eye alongside amazing writers and editors also doing this work. The tickets were all reserved very quickly, so many people who wanted to see us didn’t get the chance. But we recorded it! and you can watch it on YouTube!

So that was my week! Well. That was most of my week. Some other things happened, but they are secret things that I can’t tell you.


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