I Moved to Substack's Free Newsletter!

It's been a while since I've been in your inbox. Sorry about that!

So as you might remember, I used to have a sporadically updated newsletter on Mailchimp. But I haven't sent you a newsletter in a terribly long time, and I'm really sorry about that. I've taken some time to think about a new content strategy to relaunch my newsletter using the free option on Substack.


I was reluctant to continue on Mailchimp because they made "exciting new changes" that were naked money grabs, and even though I'm not at the point where I had the threshold number of subscribers, I decided I wanted to move to a platform that was free.

But substack has a paid newsletter option. Is that what this is?

I know. but I'm not using it. This is the free newsletter; it will always be free. I like having a paid newsletter option, but I'm not going to use it until I have my content strategy nailed down.

So what can I expect?

I'd like to do a newsletter for you once a month. I don't really want to commit to more frequent content than that, but it feels like often enough to keep you all up with the news. I should have the first official newsletter in your inbox soon, and I hope you enjoy it!

Some of the things you’ll find in the newsletter:

  • Book related news when I have new titles coming

  • A heads up when I post to my writing blog

  • Upcoming special events and (hopefully, one day) appearances

  • Behind the scenes posts about my works in progress

  • What I’m into right now

  • And the random tomfoolery you’ve come to expect

I hope to be in your inbox soon! And thank you so much for waiting for me to put a new plan together.